Loans for tourist companies!

With Las Vegas being a city with so many tourists every year, we always get new business owners that have an idea to make a profit from those tourists. Many times, it comes from a form of entertainment or an activity that the tourists can do while they are here.

One of my favourite business loans we have offered a customer in the past is a business that was centred around showing the sky line from a very large “detonator” type ride in the middle of the city. He had already received approval for the location of the ride, and the business idea was well thought out in terms of pricing, and the USP of the ride itself.

Instead of the ride pushing immediately down and being a simple carnival ride, there were two major differences. First, it was separated into four boxes with seats, in a square layout rather than the average circle that you would expect. Secondly, it was built and sold as a luxury activity rather than a carnival ride.

Customers would spend $2,000 USD each to use the activity for 15 minutes, with a clear and unobstructed view of the entire city. Now, we partnered with (website) to give the customers a loan, because they were United Kingdom based citizens rather than Americans, and it was not in our legal wheelhouse to offer the loan to begin with. So, we took a 5% referral fee on the loan rather than the overall profit like we expect.

Since the company had taken out a sizeable loan using these guys we made out very well. We took more of a profit than we initially believed we would, which was great for us.

Sometimes, even in Las Vegas, we still come across business ideas that are both a surprise and a great idea that can make a lot of profit.

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